how to write a marketing strategy plan for an insurance company

I just got a position of a marketing officer for an insurance company. Now they ask me If I can make a marketing plan for next year. Now to be honest, I was more of an IT person rather than a marketing guy. I have been working with this organization for more than 3 years now as an Assistant IT Manager and been helping them too with their needs on their marketing side. And just last months, they need their marketing officer to boost up their sales on their products, and because that I have been helping them with their marketing needs, so now they appointed me to be their marketing officer which in fact I have no idea to start from. So from that day on, I have been reading a lot of sites on the internet regarding marketing tips and so forth, till I came to this site and thought to give it a try if someone with his/her marketing skills can fill me in to what am I suppose to do.

Thanks in advance.

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Thank you mduncan for this great site, I am now reading through these good samples of marketing plan.


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You've got a big job ahead of you, but it also sounds like you're up for the task. In fact, despite the stress you're feeling from your new position and the responsibility for developing a marketing plan, it's a fantastic opportunity.

Every marketing plan will be unique, since you're company, clients, market niche, budgets, and local market will be different from other insurance companies. It may be helpful to review some of the information found at bplans.com's sister site mplans.com.

I did a quick search for "insurance" and found these results:


There are some things there that may be helpful for you. Reading through some of the other insurance-related sample plans might give you some direction and a framework to start.

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There are so many questions I have about the industry as I have worked with insurance companies as clients for years.  Is the company an agency or a carrier?  Do they sell to the consumer or to other agents?  Are they a single line insurance company or multiple lines?  Are they focused on property and casualty or something else?

The reason I ask is because marketing to consumers is different than marketing to agents.  If it's a P&C company primarily then the focus on marketing is different than if you are doing life insurance, annuities and estate planning products primarily.

What marketing have they done thus far?  Too many questions on my end first to offer some reasonable options or advise.  Let me know and I'll be glad to help.

And this sounds like a great topic for a product I am creating.  I'd love your ideas.  Submit your questions and ideas to www.incedogroup.com/market-research and you'll automatically be entered into a drawing to win the product.

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