How to write a business plan for a coffee shop?

I am new to this but extremely passionate (and good) cook and baker. I would like to open my own coffe shop but need a help with a business plan. I do not ask for it to be written for me, instead I prefer to write it myself. Does anyone have any good pointers on how to start? It is a bit overwhelming at first... Thank you!

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plz any one tel me how to start a coffee shop..

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im looking for be ur supplier of civet coffee and lowo coffee (rare coffee from fermented of bat) i will sent about kg, i really want to chat with u. my asset is trust from u. i sent you pay for trust, dont pay if u dont like. i will give u best price, u can compare from the others. what the price of civet coffee in ur country?
i really need ur attention :):) i hope we can build our benefits.

you should find good barista and good place for ur shop. buy all use stuff, and i am ready for be ur supplier :)

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start with your vision of how you would like to see your coffee shop in the the future

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Whatever type of Coffee Shop you start, you must include InterNet facilities.

I notice that in South Africa all the MacDonalds now offer WiFi InterNet facilities.

You get the first 30 minutes free, and then you pay thereafter.

South Africa

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Great tip for me also. Thanks!

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Membership has its perks!

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