3 Simple Steps to Edit a Sample Plan

using the #1-rated Business Plan Pro!

Business Plan Pro is an easy-to-use software that makes editing a sample plan simple and easy. Here's how:

  • 1 Open the sample plan browser in Business Plan Pro to edit any of over 500 more business plans.
  • 2 Search for a sample plan
  • 3 Press “Open” to begin editing a sample business plan with the expert guidance of Business Plan Pro!
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What is Business Plan Pro?

The best-selling business planning software for the past 10+ years, Business Plan Pro is the only tool you'll need to get your business plan done. In fact, it was used to create the sample plan you were just viewing. With Business Plan Pro you'll save time, avoid mistakes, and create a professional business plan that gets results. Read more »

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Avoid these common pitfalls

We've talked to enough people who've tried to copy and paste our sample plans into Word to know that what seems like a good idea most often turns ugly. It's not as easy as it seems, but if you really want to give it a try, here are important things to watch out for.

Avoid inaccurate Financials
Inaccurate financials

You'll have to have to do a lot of math. You can't just change numbers as you go, since the software's built-in formulas worked behind the scenes to generate them. Keep your calculator handy.

Avoid bad formatting
Bad formatting

Copy, paste, copy, paste... do it enough and you'll be lucky if what you end up with is in the right order and still makes sense. You don't want an amateurish business plan, so be careful!

Avoid lack of guidance
Lack of guidance

The sample plan doesn't really provide help or guidance. Be prepared to do a lot of research to get the same level of expert advice that was available to the writer of the sample in Business Plan Pro.

Download Now - No risk, 60-day money-back guarantee

Easy to edit sample plans and so much more!

Business Plan Pro doesn't just make it easy to edit a sample business plan - it makes it easy to create the best possible business plan for your business. From built-in financial formulas to expert guidance to tools to help you get funding, Business Plan Pro is the complete package for writing a professional business plan.

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    Tim Berry, the author of Business Plan Pro, is the recognized authority on business planning. Using Business Plan Pro is like having Tim sitting right next you you as you write your business plan. Read more »

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    Clear instructions lead you through the process, making it logical and painless. And fast. You won't have to spend days figuring out what you should include, where it goes, or how to present it. Read more »

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    You'll want to put your best foot forward when you present your plan. That's why it's organized and collated to produce a great looking document in the preferred format of banks, investors, and SBA lenders. Read more »

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    Sophisticated investors will want to see where the money's going, how it is going to flow back out to them, and what your company's worth. The Premier Edition of Business Plan Pro gives you all the tools you'll need to impress any investor. Read more »

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    Find a venture capitalist, get real industry financial data, demographic information, and more. Use the tools and resources built into Business Plan Pro to save time and make sure you get it right. Read more »

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    With the formulas built in, you don't have to worry about missing one number and throwing your forecasts way off. Linked tables mean you know the data is going where it's supposed to go. Read more »

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    Planning is important, but so is ongoing management. Business Plan Pro Premier lets you see how your real world results compare to your plan, so you can correct quickly when needed. Read more »

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